Cardiac Proteomics and Signalling Laboratory

Our Mission

Understanding of Proteome Biology in Cardiovascular Medicine

Our research program focuses on the characterization of signaling pathways and cellular organelles in the heart, with a particular interest on alterations of subproteomes during myocardial ischemic injury. Since 1992, this research program has authored 137 manuscripts in cardiac cell signaling and myocardial ischemic injury. The functional proteomic approaches we employ have provided key information pertaining to the proteomic basis of diseased cardiac phenotypes and have enabled a holistic portrait of multiple molecules and pathways in parallel. Strategies combining proteomic delineation and genetic interrogation have been effective for gaining insight into the pathogenesis of heart disease. Dr. Peipei Ping, the director of our research program, summarizes our mission as follows: "To provide an environment for students, fellows, and colleagues for creative work; to remind everyone to share and enjoy the roses in life".

Cardiac Organellar Protein Atlas Knowledgebase (COPaKB) is available at

NHLBI Proteomics Center @ UCLA

Proteome Biology of Cardiovascular Disease

PI: Peipei Ping, PhD (UCLA)
Co-PI: John Yates, PhD (The Scripps Research Institute)
Consortium Heads:
Rolf Apweiler, PhD (European Bioinformatics Institute, UK)
Huilong Duan, PhD (Zhejiang University, China)
Joshua LaBaer, MD/PhD (Arizona State University, USA)
Siqi Liu, PhD (Beijing Genomics Institute, China)
Mathias Uhlen, PhD (The Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

Administrative Center

Director: Jun Zhang, PhD
Administrative Specialist: Dylan Cartier, BA
Student Affairs: Ding Wang, PhD and David Liem, MD, PhD

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